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Denturist Services At Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds

Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds Welcomes a New Denturist

Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds is excited to welcome Audrey Campeau to the team. As a certified denturist, she is a member of the Ordre des denturologistes du Québec. Meticulous and concerned about offering quality results to her clients, Audrey regularly attends training sessions to refine her practice.

No matter the number of teeth you may be missing, Audrey can help you smile again. She will run a thorough evaluation of your mouth and dental condition to suggest the best possible solution for you based on your needs while respecting your budget.

Continue reading to learn more about the services offered by our denturists.

What is a Denturist?

A denturist is a recognized dental professional whose main role is to replace missing teeth with removable dental prostheses. They specialize in the fabrication, installation, and adjustment of dentures while maintaining their efficiency through repairs when needed. Dentures range in types – they can be removable, complete or partial, or can be implant-supported.

With their technical training, denturists are able to advise their patients accordingly in the choice of a new prosthesis while ensuring exceptional quality.

Differences Between Denturists and Dentists

Dentists and denturists work together in order to provide the patient with the best possible replacement solution for their teeth, however, bring different skills to the table in order to best suit their patients.

While dentists specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of the patient’s dental problems, denturists focus more on the replacement of the patient’s teeth with dentures. They provide effective, long-lasting, informed denture solutions for toothless patients.

What Do Denturists Do?

As a specialist in the fabrication of prostheses, denturists guide you at every step of the teeth replacement process – from the development of the treatment plan to the fabrication and fitting of the dental prosthesis.

After assessing your needs, the denturist develops a treatment plan that is best suited to your condition. They then take impressions of your mouth and teeth and design the model that serves as trial dentures to create the smile that perfectly suits you. Once this step is completed, the denturist proceeds with the molding of the final prosthesis.

A denturist is qualified to advise you on the proper care of your dentures, as well as adjustments or replacement of the dentures.

Why & When Should You Consult a Denturist?

If you are missing one or more teeth, dentures, or even partial dentures can help improve your smile. Here are three other reasons to consider consulting a denturist:

1. For health and aesthetic reasons

Dentures are an alternative way to replace missing teeth in order to avoid an unwanted shift of your teeth to the edentulous area. Dentures are beneficial to facilitate chewing, which, in turn, prevent digestive disorders. Further, dentures can also prevent premature aging of your face caused by sagging muscles.

2. For an adjustment or replacement of your dentures

A denturist is best qualified to evaluate and care for your dentures. An ill-fitting denture will surely lead to headaches and joint pain. Dentures should ideally be replaced every 5 years.

3. For tooth loss prevention

Someone who plays physical contact sports, or participates in any activity where the risk of injury is high may be interested in a well-fitted mouthguard. A denturist is qualified to design a personalized mouthguard that will perfectly fit your teeth, provide additional protection and be more comfortable than any other off-the-shelf solution.

Denturology Services and More in Montreal

For all your denture needs, do not hesitate to consult the qualified denturists at Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds. Our denturists have our clients’ health at heart and will take the time to listen and guide you to find the best-suited denture for you.

Our dental office located in the west island of Montreal also offers other cosmetic dentistry services like dental crowns and dental implants. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

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