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Welcome to our West Island Dental Blog!

Our blog is a rich source of information and tips regarding your dental health. We will also keep you informed of news relating to Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds, such as new staff members, new specialities, new equipment, and our involvement in the community.

We are committed to keeping you informed because we care about our patients long after they’ve left the building.

Teeth Whitening Everything You Need To Know

Teeth Whitening: Everything You Need to Know

Contrary to popular belief, teeth are not naturally meant to be blindingly white. However, many individuals strive for a brighter and beautiful smile because it helps them interact with people…

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Root Canal Infection Symptoms And Treatment

How to Know If You Need a Root Canal Treatment

A root canal infection can be painful and will require a visit to the dentist who will perform a root canal treatment on your tooth to relieve the pain. But…

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Food Drive Benefiting Food Banks In The West Island

Last year, many of you took part in our fund-raising for the food banks of the West Island. This year, given the global pandemic we are experiencing, families in need…

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Everything You Need To Know About Root Canals

Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment may seem like a scary term, but it doesn’t have to be. We think that much of the fear associated with this dental procedure comes from misinformation.…

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