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If you ever suffered from a migraine, you know that your whole body is paralyzed from pain and related debilitating discomforts, such as nauseousness, loss of appetite, high sensitivity to light and pain spreading out to your neck and shoulders. The only two things you want are your bed and for the migraine to go away.

How are Migraines and Teeth Related?

Did you know that one of the most common causes of a migraine is dental parafunctions? Here are a few oral issues that can trigger a migraine headache:

  1. Teeth grinding: the pressure exerted by clenching your teeth or grinding them can, over time, trigger a migraine headache. A custom-moulded mouthpiece offers an easy solution.
  2. Malocclusion: teeth that are not well aligned will induce certain muscles around the face and neck to stretch or tighten unnaturally, creating tension and migraines. Wearing braces to align your teeth may solve your problem.
  3. Impacted wisdom tooth: putting constant pressure on your adjacent teeth and jaw, an impacted wisdom tooth can cause a migraine headache. Extraction of the wisdom tooth will probably be necessary.
  4. Abscessed tooth: the painful infection caused by an abscessed tooth will often trigger a severe headache. Antibiotics are likely needed to cure the infection, followed by a root-canal treatment, gum treatment or extraction.

Call our specialists if you suffer from migraines or severe headaches on a regular basis, or if you have any of the above dental conditions.

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