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Dental Restorative Services with CEREC Technology

The Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds is pleased to offer its clients restorative dental services using CEREC technology. This technology allows us to repair damaged or decayed teeth in one day. Whether you need a crown, veneers or fillings, we can help you heal your dental problem quickly.

What Is CEREC Technology?

CEREC technology is a unique dental restoration technique that uses computer-aided design and manufacturing (CAD/CAM) technology to fabricate ceramic dental restorations. With this technology, our dentists can design, create, and place dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, and inlays in one appointment.

CEREC Technology Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds

Problems We Can Address

With CEREC technology, the dentists at the Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds can help their patients regain their dental health quickly while improving their smile. We can fabricate crowns, veneers and inlays on site to treat a variety of oral health problems including:

Benefits of CEREC for Patients

There are many benefits to performing dental restorations using CEREC technology for patients.

  • Repair in one visit
  • Highly precise restorations
  • Highly durable, natural-looking restorations
  • Preservation of residual tooth structure
  • Dimensional stability of the ceramic, eliminating tooth sensitivity
  • Simplified and clean impression process unlike other traditional methods
  • Eliminates the need to fabricate and wear a temporary tooth
  • Similar cost to other types of restorations
CEREC, The Fastest Way to a Beautiful Smile [VIDEO]

Restoration procedure with CEREC technology

  1. Preparation: Evaluation and preparation of your tooth for scanning by removing, among other things, old restorations.
  2. Digitalization: Creation of a digital impression of the tooth to be restored as well as the neighbouring teeth using an intraoral scanner.
  3. Design: On-screen design of the restoration by the dentist from the 3D model of your tooth created by CEREC software.
  4. Milling: Designed restoration sent to a milling machine that fabricates the restoration from a ceramic block in minutes.
  5. Polishing: Polishing of the CEREC inlay or crown before installation.
  6. Placement: Installation of the restoration in your mouth and adjustments if necessary to ensure a comfortable and accurate fit. Bonding of the restoration with high-strength dental cement.

Do You Need a Dental Restoration?

You can trust the team at Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds to help you address your dental concerns. Make an appointment with one of our experienced dentists today to have your condition assessed and discuss the best options available to you.

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