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Bleeding Gums

The Neglected Gums

Rarely do we take into consideration the important role that our gums play in a healthy mouth. Made of delicate tissue, yet strong enough to hold your teeth in place, gums deserve our tender, loving care.

Gums are not meant to bleed when brushing or flossing. If this is a common occurrence, you may have gum disease. Several other reasons may cause gums to bleed, such as vigorous brushing, but healthy gums should not bleed during your daily oral hygiene routine. Typically, gum diseases are not painful in their early stages, so bleeding may be a sign that your gums are at risk or have already developed a gum problem.

How to Apply Preventative Measures

  1. Learn how to brush and floss your teeth correctly with one of our hygienists.
  2. Use mouthwash daily. Our hygienists can recommend the best one for you.
  3. Drink a lot of water and eat a healthy diet.

If your gums are bleeding on a regular basis, visit our clinic for an assessment and treatment plan before more serious conditions settle in.

Urgent Care Needed?

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