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Crowns & Caps

Giving your Tooth the Royal Treatment

A crown, also known as a cap, entirely covers a tooth that is no longer strong enough to stand on its own. Crowns are typically made of porcelain that matches the colour of your teeth. They can also be made of a ceramic covered metal base or, in some cases when a back tooth is crowned, fused with a gold alloy.

When are Crowns Necessary?

Our dentists will recommend a crown when the following circumstances arise:

  1. Severe tooth decay that a filling alone cannot repair
  2. Replacing large old fillings that have weakened the tooth
  3. Strengthening a cracked tooth to prevent it from breaking
  4. Sealing a tooth that is highly sensitive to cold or hot food and drinks because of wear or receded gums
  5. Covering and strengthening a tooth that underwent root canal treatment
  6. Discoloured or deformed teeth due to trauma or from prolonged medication intake

Crowns will usually require 2 visits to be installed. Please discuss with our dentists for more information, and to evaluate if you are a candidate for a crown.

Urgent Care Needed?

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