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Professional Cleaning Prevents Gum Disease

Even taking regular care of your teeth, by brushing and flossing, is not enough to prevent the accumulation of calculus, or tartar. A professional dental cleaning removes tartar accumulation in areas that you cannot reach, such as around the back teeth and under the gum line.

During your cleaning appointment, our Dental Hygienists will also examine your teeth for:

  1. Cavities
  2. Gum disease
  3. Defective fillings
  4. Other oral complications, such as early detection of  pre-cancerous lesions

An X-ray may be required to reveal problems at the root of your teeth.

Our Dental Hygienists are highly trained in the prevention and treatment of oral diseases. They will also share information on oral hygiene that are specific to your teeth and dental needs. They will discuss their findings with your dentist to establish the best treatment plan and schedule regular visits based on your specific needs. Some people need professional cleaning more than once or twice per year.

Professional cleaning is your insurance against gum disease and an efficient prevention tool against various dental problems. As the saying goes: “Prevention is better than cure.”

Call our clinic for an appointment and save your teeth and gums from future complications.

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