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Root Canal

Fixing the Root of the Problem!

A root canal treatment is part of a dental specialty called endodontics. When a tooth has a deep decay, or has developed an abscess, the solution to save it is performing root canal therapy. The only other option is extraction.

Is it Painful?

No. A root canal treatment is not usually painful. Your tooth is numbed before your dentist or endodontist proceeds to remove the nerves that are causing the pain and infection. Medication is then inserted in the root canal for a few days, or until the infection has subsided. When you return, we will fill the space where the unhealthy nerve used to be.

Since a tooth that has undergone a root canal treatment is devitalized (or dead), it will become fragile and will need to be crowned to give it back its original strength. Once the crown is in place, your tooth will perform the same way your natural teeth do. Your daily hygiene routine will be unchanged.

If your teeth are sensitive to hot or cold foods and beverages, or if you experience pain when chewing, call for an appointment so that we can verify if you need a root canal treatment.

Urgent Care Needed?

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