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Teeth Whitening

A Bright Smile Illuminates the Entire Face

Are You Embarrassed to Smile?

Have your teeth taken on a yellowish glow that keeps you from smiling and laughing?
Over time, the enamel covering the teeth becomes thinner and porous, allowing stains to appear and the tooth’s yellow core material, the dentine, to show through. Brushing your teeth with whitening toothpaste, cutting down on smoking, reducing coffee, tea, and red wine intake can help, but may not be sufficient to regain that sparkling white smile. Yellowed teeth may also be caused by trauma, aging, and exposure to certain medications. Only our dental specialists can assess your condition.

Teeth Whitening is Safe

Teeth whitening is completely safe if done under the supervision of your dentist. Over-the-counter kits may not be appropriate for your type of teeth and may damage your gums. Our team of professionals will first establish the most probable cause of your yellowed smile before prescribing the degree of whitening agents to use for your unique teeth. You will get a custom-moulded mouthpiece tray and monitored applications.

Only your dentist can evaluate the best solution and the degree of safe whitening or bleaching agents for your teeth.

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