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Everyone desires a white smile. However, several daily habits contribute to tooth discolouration and affect the beauty of your smile. Certain health issues can also cause tooth discolouration. Beware of the following culprits:

Main Offenders that you can Easily Control

  1. Tea, coffee and dark colas
  2. Tobacco
  3. Red wine
  4. Poor dental hygiene

Other Causes of Tooth Discolouration

  1. Certain medications (antibiotics, antihistamines and blood pressure medication – ask us if your medication is on the list of tooth discolouration culprits)
  2. Chemotherapy
  3. Trauma to a tooth
  4. Aging teeth
  5. Genetics
  6. Root canal therapy

What can be Done?

Crowns, veneers, and bleaching are the usual solutions, but each patient is unique and must be evaluated before a treatment is recommended.

If you are ashamed to smile because of teeth discolouration, call our clinic for a consultation and a personalized treatment plan.

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