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When Dental Treatment Begins

The first step is a comprehensive examination, followed by a diagnosis that will determine the required treatment plan. Your oral hygienist, together with your dentist, use instruments, X-rays, and clinical expertise to diagnose oral pathologies that need immediate attention, or that could become problematic in the future. Cosmetic dentistry, including full-mouth restoration, will require a more elaborate assessment.

Preventative oral hygiene protocols are recommended to prevent existing diseases from worsening or new conditions from developing. If you require cosmetic dentistry, we will discuss your goals before creating a personalized treatment plan for you.

Well Equiped room

Never delay or put off a dental examination. Acting quickly will save you pain and money. Call us today for your appointment.

Not convinced yet? Give us a call and come in for a consultation or second opinion. You will experience, firsthand, the calm environment of our clinic and the high level of dental care provided by our dentists, right here in Pierrefonds.

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