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Children's Dentist

Because Little Teeth are Valuable too

Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds understands that a dentist’s chair and dental instruments can be very intimidating for a child. The staff at our children’s dentist clinic has developed a gentle approach to ease children into dental exams and treatments.

Our welcoming reception staff, friendly hygienists, and experienced children’s dentists will know how to softly bring your child to trust every moment of the visit and actually have fun!

Our children’s dentist specialists provide a range of oral health care for their young patients, such as:

  1. Educational and preventative oral health care (brushing, flossing, dental sealants, fluoride applications)
  2. Primary and specialized therapeutic care (cleaning, dental fillings)
  3. Restorative care (chipped teeth, chipped tooth, space fillers after extractions)
  4. Orthodontic Referrals
  5. Baby bottle syndrome
  6. Thumb sucking
  7. Special oral health care needs
Child getting teeth treatment

In addition to our children’s dentist services, our family dentist office in West Island offers numerous dental services for the entire family. We can help your family members with several dental procedures  including dental implants, veneers, gum treatment, crowns and caps to name just a few examples.

If you have any questions about our children’s dentist services or other family dental procedures, we invite you to contact our dentist Pierrefonds clinic today.

Request an appointment today to find out how our children’s dentists can help your child broaden his smile.

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