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Full-Mouth Restoration

Restore your Smile

Although it seems scary at first, full-mouth restoration is carried out step by step to achieve a beautiful, healthy smile. Veneers, fillings, implants, crowns, braces, and other procedures may be used to restore a normal occlusion.

Full restoration is prescribed when the majority of teeth are decayed, missing, or ill positioned. The smile and facial features of the person are affected by the various oral conditions.


A beautiful smile is aesthetically important, but it also affects your overall health. A full-mouth restoration will correct functionality issues that can trigger serious problems, such as bite imbalance, TMD, and periodontal disease. Your confidence will increase as you benefit from a younger-looking smile, solve chronic halitosis (bad breath), reduce pain in the face and neck areas, achieve better chewing and digestion.

If you think you may be a candidate for a full-mouth restoration, we will gladly discuss your options and put together a treatment plan. Your phone call to us is your first step to a beautiful, healthy smile!

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