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Denturist West Island

Replace Your Missing Teeth

What is a denturist

A denturist specializes in dentures of all types, from the fabrication to the fitting. The advantage of consulting a denturist is simple, they are the experts in dentures, they are guaranteed to make a high-quality denture specifically designed for your mouth. If you are missing only a few teeth or need a complete denture, or if you just want to improve the look of your smile, the denturist is there to help you achieve this goal.

Our denturist

Our denturist, Mr. Jonathan Coutu D.D., has more than 20 years’ experience in designing, placing and adjusting dentures. He will guide you step by step during your treatment all the while offering you a personalized experience in dental esthetics. In the last few years, Jonathan has acquired a vast expertise in designing esthetic prothesis. It will give him pleasure to welcome you and design an ideal treatment plan based on your needs. Jonathan can assist you with a wide variety of services including complete dentures, partial dentures with or without a palate, precision dentures, rebasing, garnishing, soft palate, esthetics, all types of implant supported dentures and emergency repairs. Learn more about our various dental services and dental procedures.

What is the purpose of a denture

A complete or partial denture serves as a replacement for missing teeth. A patient who is not interested or is not able to replace their missing teeth using other methods of dentistry can benefit from a denture. A partial denture will help to prevent any existing teeth from shifting into edentulous areas. Dentures help to facilitate chewing and prevent digestive problems. Dentures will give you back the urge to smile

Denturist West Island

For a denturist in Pierrefonds, West Island and the surrounding areas please do not hesitate to contact Pierrefonds Dental Center. Mr. Jonathan Coutu, denturist, will be more than happy to see you for a free consultation.

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