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Food Drive Benefiting Food Banks In The West Island

Last year, many of you took part in our fund-raising for the food banks of the West Island. This year, given the global pandemic we are experiencing, families in need are even more numerous!

We have therefore decided to repeat the event and hope to be able to count on your generosity again.

Collection begins now and will end on December 17th. Donations in cash will be given to West Island community Shares and food will be given to the West Island Mission.

A box for food collection will be at your disposal in the lobby of the clinic and a box to collect cash donations will be at the reception now located on the first floor.

The dental center team thank you for your generosity.

Dr Jean-Pierre Bedirian

Dr. Jean-Pierre Bedirian

Dr. Jean-Pierre Bedirian, B.Sc., DDS, owner of Centre Dentaire Pierrefonds, is a dental surgeon with more than two decades of experience in dental surgery. A graduate of McGill University, Dr. Bedirian obtained his Bachelor of Science in 1990, followed by a Doctor of Dental Surgery in 1994 and a multidisciplinary general residency at the Jewish General Hospital in 1995.

Dr. Bedirian is an expert in specialized dental care such as gum grafting, cosmetic dentistry and dental implants. His mission is to prevent tooth loss due to dental disease and oral cancer. As a compassionate leader, Dr. Bedirian is proud to lead a skilled interdisciplinary team that caters to the dental needs of families and individuals in the West Island of Montreal.

In addition to his clinical and educational roles, Dr. Bedirian is actively involved in various dental professional associations (see dedicated section), contributing to his field and ensuring he stays abreast of the latest advances in dental care. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates on Dr Bedirian’s dental clinic, news and educational articles.

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